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Enjoy this collection of knits that's truly blast from the past. Trust me, your wardrobe will thank you. Scroll down to find two more knit shawl patterns you'll love making and wearing again and again. If you're searching for simple free shawl knitting patterns with a vintage vibe, these are the perfect patterns for you.

Bring out your adventurous side by knitting the beautiful purple Crescendo Shawl. Looking for something more subtle? Give the cozy Harmony Shawl a try! Doilies in Bloom by Diane T. Today's Knit Fashions by Melissa Leapman. Dog Gone Cute by Spinrite. Beautiful Baby by Spinrite. Sweaters For a Lifetime by Spinrite. Pullovers for Her Leisure Arts by Patons. Irresistible Arans Leisure Arts by Patons. Daddy's Little Girl by Spinrite. Wild About Flowers!

Leisure Arts by Debbie Foley. Color-Bright Creatures by Anne Halliday. Afghans by the Alphabet by Anne Halliday. Magnificent Mosaics by Anne Halliday. Color-Splash Dishcloths by Evelyn Clark. Seasons of fun with Pooh by Karen Jackson.

Works (2,347)

Curtains, Etc. Leisure Arts by Nancy Javier. Crocheted Throws by Lion Brand Yarn. Sweaters with Stripes Leisure Arts by Patons. Family Accessories Leisure Arts by Spinrite. The Sweater Collection by Leisure Arts. Pieces of Baltimore by Pam Bono. Extra-Special Doilies by Mary Werst.

Knits for All Seasons by Spinrite. Leisure Arts by Chris Malone. Quick-Knit Throws by Rena V. Stevens; Leisure Arts. Lacy Snowflakes by Brenda S. I Can't Believe I'm Quilting! Leisure Arts by Pat Sloan. Say It Isn't Sew! Baby Blooms Layette by Sandra Abbate. Love to Knit Dishcloths by Evelyn A. Sew Mary! Leisure Arts by Mary Engelbreit Ent. Afghans by the Pound by Rita Weiss. Crochet Heirloom Afghans by Jean Leinhauser. Butterfly Fairies Leisure Arts by Inc.

A Year of Doilies 5 by Leisure Arts. Knits in a Jiffy by Lion Brand Yarn. All Wrapped Up! I Can't Believe I'm Quilling! Leisure Arts by Jane Cleveland. Leisure Arts by Pam Bono. Tunisian Crochet by Nancy Nehring. Knitted Sweaters for Her by Meredith Corporation. Top This! Leisure Arts by Melissa Leapman. Perfect Pillows to Crochet by Leisure Arts. Doilies with a Twist by Patricia Kristoffersen. Scrap Afghans for All by Anne Halliday. Kitchen Bright Dishcloths by Leisure Arts. Quick Caps by Barbara Shaffer. Big Book of Crochet by Leisure Arts. Creative Collection To Knit by Spinrite.

Cabled Accessories by Patricia Kim. Mix It Up! Leisure Arts by Rena Stevens. Crooked Cabin Quilts by Pat Sloan. Trendy Knit Dishcloths by Evelyn A. I Can't Believe I'm Knitting! Dressed to Chill by Jan Kornfeind. Dazzling Designs by Heidi Pridemore. Ponchos for Kids by Kay Meadors. Fur All the Time by Leisure Arts.

Maclean; Leisure Arts. Crocheted Christmas Stockings by Grace Kaplan. Updated Edition by Leisure Arts. It's Playtime, Baby! Leisure Arts by Melanie Falick. Leisure Arts by Suss Cousins. It's Your Turn! Options: Crochet by Melissa Leapman. Scrap-Lovers' Quilts by Leisure Arts. Crazy for Baby by Barbara Groves. Seasons Leisure Arts by Debbie Mumm. Style for You! Cute Little Animals by Amy Gaines. Make Believe! Creating Keepsakes: You've Got Flair! Stitch This! Crochet on the Go! Leisure Arts by Better Homes and Gardens. Knitting Fun for Everyone by Leisure Arts.

It's Quilt Magic! Leisure Arts by Tammy Kelly. Crochet Shrugs by Kay Meadors. So Girly! Options Accessories by Margie Morse Pulley. Knitting Wheel Fashions by Charlene G. Total Crochet Fashions by Gayle Bunn. Ooh Baby Leisure Arts by Spinrite. Sleeveless Fashions Leisure Arts by Spinrite. Stitchin' Retro Leisure Arts by Banar. No Adults Allowed! Modern Primitive Embroidery by Jennie Baer. Great Grannies!

Leisure Arts by Judy Sajewski. More Family Accessories by Spinrite. Seasonal Knit Afghans by Rena Stevens. Fashionology Leisure Arts by Leisure Arts. Snappy Wraps to Crochet by Treva G. Yes, It's a Scrapbook! Leisure Arts by Donna Downey. Shower of Cables by Karen Whooley. Cool Stuff: Knot This! Halloween Leisure Arts by Leisure Arts. Easy Scarves and More! Knitted Sweaters for the Family by Leisure Arts. Options: Baby -- Knit Fashions for Tots! Two, to Go! Olivia has started to be slightly picky about her clothes.

Though luckily, not to the point where she refuses to wear anything! Our cold weather is a giggle next to those of you who really live in a cold climate, but I wish we had a winter dress code enforced from mid-November through mid-March. Girls show up in little short-sleeved T shirts and shorts not even a sweater or hoodie for some in December and January Or they wear a similar outfit with UGG boots dumb-looking, if you ask me and a light-weight hoodie and think they are dressed for winter.

We may be in Central California, but a high temp of 40 degrees is still a bit chilly for such get-ups, except at PE, when the kids are really moving around. My last school banned shorts between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day or an early March Easter , and I think it was a wise choice. Marie, I don't dislike Mark Strong as Knightley; he certainly brings a well-bred, gentlemanly "air" to the character. I just think he seems to be a bit less grim in the book Knightley was often rather grumpy when it came to discussing F.

Have you seen the old BBC miniseries ca. I own and have watched it several times, and I can't make up my mind how I feel about it. I don't think the acting is terrible, but none of the actors truly seem to fit their characters Most of the other actors seemed way too old for their roles, and I didn't see anything about Ania Marson's Jane that could have captivated F.

Jan 3, pm Mike, you are correct. I don't normally like Gallagher. I don't find smashing fruit remotely funny. But that routine had me in stitches. All of you in cold climates will probably laugh, but it is unusually cold here in Florida today. They said, with the wind chill, it felt like the 20's last night. Nothing compared to up north, but rather cold for us thin-skinned Floridians!! Soli, there are many different types of vegetarians. Pescatarians, for example, will eat fish but no other animal flesh.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians will eat dairy and eggs. Lacto vegetarians will eat dairy but no eggs and ovo vegetarians will eat eggs but no dairy! Vegans are one of the most strict. They will not eat dairy, eggs, animal products, or any processed foods containing ingredients derived from animals. I'm thinking a "part-time" vegetarian is actually a flexitarian, a fairly new term used to describe a person who is mostly vegetarian but will occasionally eat meat!

Not looking forward to fetching kiddies and heading to dance class. Hmmm, I should go see if my van even plans to start in this weather. Bad luck. What is that supposed to be??? Pretty funny-looking, if you ask me. But then again, the fashionistas of New York have very rarely consulted me on what this year's "look" should include. I am currently wearing jeans and an Eeyore fleece top over a turtleneck, which I am pretty sure is not "in" anywhere on the planet! But it is a hoody, so maybe that counts for some cool points???

Bundle up, Puck! How many feet of snow are you guys still struggling through? I think I read the other day that your area had something like 45 inches of snow in December maybe? Stay warm, everyone! All that talk about kids not wanting to put their parkas on makes my skin crawl. It is our big fight in the playground at break times in winter: trying to have them keep their coats on, and I'm NOT in a hurry to start that fight again BTW, have other teachers noticed that the most 'tiresome' to remain 'nice' kids are almost never ill?

They must scare viruses away! Thanks for the explanation about the pronounciation of Arkansas! It had never crossed my mind before that it could not be pronounced like Kansas. I should know better about names of places however: not far from here is the lovely town of La Clayette which is, curious as it seems, pronounced "la clette". This is my new English "word of the day".

Warmth is all that counts in my book in winter. Maybe we should start a trend? Strengthening and Cheering Charms to all going back to work already and Weather Charms to all needing some. Elanor YES!! I have noticed this. The kids that are the most challenging in my classes are the ones that are hardly ever absent.

I would not wish illness on any of my students, of course, but it would be nice to have a break from these students once in a while! I do avoid eating eggs though. No morals or ethics behind it, I just can't stand the taste. I also avoid gelatine, but alas, so many products are made with it today it's difficult to avoid.

In Yorkshire, we have many odd pronounciations where letters are missed out. For instance, the village of 'Slaithwaite' is pronounced 'Slawit'. Being Yorkshire, the T is shortened as well, to a gutteral sort of sound. I feel like I was the only child in school who avoided at all costs going outside in the cold weather at playtime.


I'm not wild about the watermelon smashing, but the man does have some hilarious routines. He came to Mobile for a show several years ago and my daughter and I went to see him, plus we have two or three of his tapes. Healing charms to all those who are coughing, sputtering, hurling, sniffling, aching, etc. Please, get well soon! I'm all for a good freeze to last most of the winter, however, we have a heat pump. This is the electric power companies idea, efficient in cooling durning the summer is their claim but not so much efficient for heating in the winter.

Our particular HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit doesn't do either very well. Seems it is constantly running and yet we are still too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. But the one that bothers me more, is when people change the "i" at the end of a word to an "a". In Florida, Miami is pronounced "My-am-ee". Why then is Miami, Oklahoma pronounced "My-am-uh"? And why do some people pronounce Missourri "Missourr-uh"?

An "i" can make an "e" sound, but it's not supposed to sound like "a" or "uh". But what do I know? If they're not cold even if it seems insane to us why can't they go without their coats? If anything, it might reduce the piles and piles of coats and sweaters left out on the playground. They remain unclaimed, even when properly labeled with their names. It's absolutely baffling that kids can so easily discard a jacket and not go looking for it. And I can't understand why parents don't come check out the rack.

The PTA set up two nice portable coat racks for the steady stream of clothes. When I was a kid I can't believe I'm uttering that phrase the yard duty aids would look for a name on an abandoned jacket and return it directly to the kid. Oh, listen to me. I'm ranting like a grumpy old lady. I know what you mean about the "lost-n-found" box. Little Pince lost a glove the Monday before Christmas break, and I was directed to the cafeteria to check out the lost-n-found box.

I was expecting a box like the size that copier paper comes in, with maybe some orphan gloves and a scarf or two. Instead, there were two huge boxes, each roughly the size of a dishwasher! They were chock-full of major items -- big heavy winter coats, hats, Thinsulate-insulated gloves, nice dressy sweaters, thick expensive name-brand sweatshirts, etc. I was amazed that parents hadn't "missed" these items and come looking for them -- I mean, the big winter coat? Wouldn't you miss that if it was gone? Anyway, after aimlessly stirring the enormous mass of clothing around for a minute, it became apparent that looking for one little glove that's 2 pair for a dollar seemed kind of pointless.

Losing things is something I'm having to learn to adjust to. As an only child, a packrat, and also someone who lived alone for a long time, I am just not used to misplacing things. If I put it somewhere, it stayed there until I retrieved it -- I might've had to dig through if a pile began growing, but I knew the general area where it was and would be able to find it eventually. Not so anymore, alas earwax! It's the opposite -- nothing is where I put it. Plus, I keep having to "hide" things or put them up in high places, and then I forget where they are. I have yet to find the dog's Christmas cookies and the squeaky toy I bought her.

As for pronouncing the "s" in Arkansas, that grates on me almost as much as someone pronouncing Illinois ill-i-noy as "ill-i-noise". And Elanor would probably have said it "ill-i-nwah" Don't get me started on Des Moines I had been there almost 10 years before I found out that La-fay-et Rd and Laaf-ee-yet Rd were the same road! Lafayette Rd In the south, it is 3 syllables, not 1. I guess places everywhere have trouble with names. Heaven knows anywhere there are a lot of Native American names there are problems saying them. For an example, we cross a river on our way to Mississippi from Mobile called the Touchatocabouffa probably not spelled correctly, much less pronounced correctly - LOL.

I certainly mean no insult to Native Americans by that I'm part Cherokee , but their names are often difficult to decipher. It's pronounced La-fay-et by everyone there, but Mr Eponine insists we all say it wrong because that's not how the general's name or whatever rank he was is pronounced.

Francophones i. French-Canadians pronounce it 'Kay-beck' which I also stick to. Locals also pronounce To-ron-to as 'Trawna'. I've analyzed my own pronunciation of my hometown since seeing this on the news and have discovered that I say something closer to 'Trawno'. It was here this morning not in my backyard, but at work, 10 miles inland , and that was without windchill. I give my daycare mom's kids a ride to school Michael is a Junior, Meghan is one of my froshies and they were both wearing hoodies and no jackets. Going with the pronunciation lesson, one of the towns I teach is Lebanon, and whenever we talk about the country in the Middle East, the kids get confused with the way to say it.

The country is Leb-A-non, and the town is Leb-nin. Hehe, then throw in a Mainah accent.

Prayer Shawl Patterns | Shawl Knitting Patterns | Knitting Patterns

Naturally, they are thus "harbor seals. And locals call it "Tawl-bot" while chicken-neckers folks from away from here call it "Taaal-but. Hey, it's one way to identify who was born locally and who wasn't! And by the way, the chicken-necker thing has something to do with how you fish for crabs -- "people from away from here" don't do it right apparently. And since I'm one of the said chicken-neckers, I'm not exactly clear on what it is precisely Steve probably knows Is 'double-double' a perfectly logical answer to, 'How do you take your coffee?

One of my co-workers went down to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, and he brought back a box of Beignet mix so I can try to make Beignets. Just thought I'd share! Everyone from here knows you're not from here if you say "La Fay ette" Even though thats more Frenchly correct it's not how we say it! I suspect that's the Cajun version. Oh and it's Crawfish, not Crayfish! LOL I could go on, we have an abundance of Indian names here too that I can prounounce, but not spell!

I think we have some beignet mix too, but it's really old I think Oh well, no bother, it'll be in the 70s by Saturday!

Vintage Knitting With Updated Patterns // Casual Friday 2-23

I say Beignet "Ben-yay". People at work had no idea what I was talking about. I have two days off from work. I think I will spend that time cleaning out my closet. It's getting a little messy I also have to renew my car registration. Sirius - Jan 3, pm of lol Soli, it's a bit of a joke. My husband doesn't want to eat meat, he feels better when he doesn't. I find uncooked meat total gross and don't like to touch it, the taste gets to me after awhile too. I have always loved milk and milk products. One of the girls is a real steak and potatoes kid and eats like mad when it served.

My son also likes meat. But now I have milk allergies and can't have, milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, so I try to serve meat every once in a while to make up for the loss of protein from my diet. When I first stopped drinking milk products, I lost nearly 10 pounds without trying or thinking about it. I have never claimed to be vegan, I eat eggs and fish I grew up in New York so we were New Yorkers, friends and neighbors traveled to Florida to see Floridians, Californians.

We also called that other state May Land! Aaron Copeland composed the famous score to the Martha Graham dance and it had stuck, it's Appalacian Spring. I can't believe it but I am actually getting out of my bed on Sunday to be at the Walmart to get a Wii for my kids for 3 Kings day and get it home befor e they wake. So, Mr Eponine is right! They don't say "Louisiana" either come to think of it, they say "Lousiane". We do say " beignet" "ben-yay" though! And Elanor would probably have said it "ill-i-nwah"" Bingo! However, for that one, I know this can not be the right pronounciation. Megfox: "In my experience, the reason the "challenging" students are in class every day is because their parents don't want to deal with them either!

Patpat, I do agree about us having a "break" from time to time! Journeymom: "Would it be a problem to just let the kids go coat-less? I've seen 5th graders girls shivering on the playground, her lips almost blue, still pretending they were not cold just because it was "cooler" not to wear a coat. Four new adaptions! PBS Masterpiece Theater!

Sunday, January 13! At least that's when it airs here in Sacramento. What fun! I'll have to go back and read the previous 15 threads a little later. Ok help me out here, how on earth do you say vehicle with only one syllable?? I'm trying to say it but it's just not working! It's "vee-hick-el" even if I slurr the letters together, it's still 2 syllables! I could definitely go for some beignets right now! And for those who don't know, it is very important for you to inhale powdered sugar off the top of a beignet before the first bit, and then spend 10 minutes coughing before you can eat anymore!

That's just part of the beignet eating experience! It's very fun to say! Well, it might not be in on a runway, Madam Pince, but it would be very in with people who want to stay warm and look neat. I've seen the lower grade teachers wear nice jeans with turtlenecks and sweatshirts sporting literary figures on them Audrey: BTW, have other teachers noticed that the most 'tiresome' to remain 'nice' kids are almost never ill?

Yep, I sure have. Azi: In Yorkshire, we have many odd pronounciations where letters are missed out. Azi, I've often wondered about names like Worcestershire pronounced wors-ter-sher around here and Chiswick which I've heard pronounced Chizzik. I can't remember the others, but some seem to leave out entire syllables. Why is that? Journeymom, it's possible that we knew we would be out of luck at home if we were as careless with our coats and things as kids are today. I did not get a new coat every year.

Did you? If I lost a good coat, I would have been told to either find it or do without until the next year As to why yard duty aides do not return missing garments to kids Also, at many schools the teachers do yard duty. Most days, items are left on the playground after EACH break including backpacks, believe it or not. I am expected to report directly to my classroom after yard duty, so I am not sure when I would have time to go back out and pick up the things left on our playground which covers several acres, btw , let alone go around the school and hand it back.

Even if it were labeled, I wouldn't know where the kids were. I don't even know who all of them are! Our graders change classes all day long. I have kids who leave their junk in my room on a daily basis, and some never bother to reclaim it. My room isn't big enough to keep everyone's junk until they get around to missing it. What about vehicle? How could vehicle ever be pronounced as one syllable???

I can't wait!! LOL There ya go, Soli! LOL Nwahluns is much better, not Nawlins as most people think! Thank you! I was trying so hard to make that sound! LOL But I couldn't figure out how to type it! LOL Some people still do that here, most just prefer English now-a-days And Lafayette is prounouced correctly when in French class, the city seems to be the exception to the rule!

LOL We cajunized it! Okay, I should really get to bed, its 2 am now Remember the clap test to count syllables? When you say ve-hick-el.. When I say vehicle, I get one clap. I would count that as 1 syllable.

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I guess if I slow it down to ve-uh-kel, I would get three but I don't say it with three distinct syllables, it is just one. I know that Danish is much 'worse' for leaving letters out of words though. Maybe it's the Scandinavian influence over the centuries? You're right on the pronounciation of Chiswick, although I would pronounce Worcestershire 'Wus-ter-sher'.

I can't really tell you about pronounciation in the rest of England, just my own accent. Snuffles - have you seen them exploding the unexploded bomb in TV? It was disappointing to say the least. What was the point in closing the motorway? Snow all gone. Non-locals pronounce it like President Reagan but the locals pronounce it Riggin. Alot of people around here think it is Mount Eagle, I guess because it is atop the Cumberland Plateau. Houston is How-stun not You-stun. Lewes is Lew-is not Lews.

Hockessin is HO-Kes-in not Hock-es-in. Anyone care to guess how that's pronounced? They went with "hope you like it" That's it. Not a "breakfast burrito" in sight. I feel I was horribly lax yesterday, procrastinator or no. Let me be the first, then, to wish my dear sister, Marie E. I'm sure she'll figure out a way to get back at me in the next three weeks when my b-day rolls around.

Happy Birthday, Marie E! Hope you had a great day! That's good to hear, Soli -- at least I fit in somewhere, fashion-wise! Somehow I think that sounds about right for me! So being cold-natured and as Soli mentioned interested in staying warm, my "office uniform" pretty much was jeans, turtleneck, and sweater or a nice sweatshirt.

Boring, maybe. Warm, yes. And if it was a really cold day, I dug out the flannel-lined LLBean jeans -- bulky-looking or not. Mike, I would've pronounced that "Hop-you-lick-it" but "Hope-you-like-it" sounds much better! Azi, thanks for confirming the "Worcestershire" pronunciation for me! I never could understand that, but I had been told that your way was the correct way, so that's how I say it!

Happy Birthday Marie!! It's not that far from where I grew up. There's a town in NC called Mebane, and it's pronounced Mebbin. People who aren't from around here call it Me-bane. I like to say it in a pirate voice and say, "It's me bane of me existence. We had a discussion when I was visiting family over Christmas about people who pronounce Houston "You-ston. It's "Muh-hay-uh. They lost, to a team that is ranked fourth in the country. Oh well. The other team's quarterback had been sacked twice all season and our team sacked him twice in the first half. It was fun to watch, though, especially the signs and ribbons and things all over town supporting the team.

Our team's uniforms were used as the model for the Panthers in "Friday Night Lights" on NBC and part of the show was filmed at our high school. And one of the schools that our team beat to advance in the playoffs was Dallas Carter, which was the team that defeated the Permian Panthers during the season that the "Friday Night Lights" book was based on.

Draco has decided that I need to sign up for Nutrisystem. I told him he was being rude. Denise, I'm still stumped on how you are getting one syllable out of vehicle. Even if I say it fast: vee-kle, I still get two! Happy birthday, Marie! Only two more days and then back to work! Boy, time flies. Veicl Merriam-Webster at www. On their website you may click the image to hear the pronunciation. Or stay here and enjoy teasing out what other members mean by their "phonetic" spellings. I vote to continue here! Pennsylvania Pen-sil-vane-ya four syllables!

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  4. Anyone care to guess on "Kasawago"? I went and listened, and it seems to me that the first pronunciation had two syllables and the second had three. Sirius when I told him I was going to see Lewes a cute little town pronounced Lew-is which just happened to be the name of a very good looking neighbor! That is close as I can come to a phoentic spelling of how I say vehicle. I don't put any pause in there at all Sounds like the first one on M-W Clap, I dare ya! It is one! The only way I can get two is to say veea-cull but I don't say it that way. Madam Pince, many of our teachers wear jeans and a sweater every day or almost every day.

    On Fridays, many of us wear the school T or sweatshirt with a turtleneck and jeans or trousers. As long as they are neat--not torn or otherwise inappropriate-looking--they are considered acceptable. In other school districts in town, I am not sure they would be considered acceptable teacher attire; however, I have found that out here in farm country, a more casual dress code works.

    Merriam-Webster at www. Perhaps I'm mistaken, John, but I see the ve-? The presence of the k? I'll have to dig out my textbooks and have a look at Grimm's Law to find the official reasons. In-N-Out Burger! I miss their burgers!!

    I ask for bun-meat-bun. No fixin's in the burger. Completely plain. I pronounce Houston "Heus-ton". I also lived there for about 3 years. Off to fight the crowds at the DMV. Have to pay my car registration. Then it is to the post office to mail my friend's Christmas present talk about procrastination!

    LOL , then on to Good Will. I was up until 2 am last night cleaning out everything. Place looks so much better now! Have a great weekend everyone! We don't have In-N-Out here, but we do have Harvey's which is an absolute national treasure. Charbroiled burgers topped as you want them.

    Discovering Your Ancestors – One Gene at a Time

    I developed the 'Pesky burger' as a ten-year-old: a cheeseburger with ketchup, mayo and just a sprinkle of onions. It hasn't failed to raise the eyebrows of each server who has made it over the years, but I've stuck to it! As for 'double-double', it refers to double cream and double sugar in one's coffee order especially at Tim Horton's. We pronounce the letter Z as 'Zed' over here? Does anyone else do this?

    In that case, I was taught the alphabet with 'Zed', but children nowadays are taught phonetically. Naturally, I prefer the way I was taught. Although I had no idea what it's called in Britain, we do know it's 'Zee' in America, and as we watched American Sesame Street as children we learned early on of the double nature of this letter why, it's practically the Severus Snape of the alphabet. However, kids nowadays watch Canadian Sesame Street so I have no idea what they're learning to call it!

    I pronounce zebra as 'zee-bra', but I've recently heard it pronounced as 'zeb-ra' rhymes with Debra on T. Is this a common pronunciation in parts of the world? Is there a Canadian Sesame Street? Did not know that! I just got back to the States and hit the Magic Button.

    There was no way I could stay awake long enough to read posts! Missed you all and hope you had a great New Year's Eve! LOL I say Zee-bra! It's like Nevada too. I pronounce it "ne-vaaaa-da", my dad says 'ne vad- a" and he also says 'lav - a" in stead of "La - va". Drives me crazy! LOL How do people in Nevada say it? Ohh Sheila, you have to tell us all about it!

    Did you take a picture of the trolley at King's Cross? Is it still there? I am a math teacher, true, but, fom everything I know about syllables, even Denise's "vcull" is 2 syllables. You are the expert though, so we will leave it to you to research it for us! EDIT: OK, I was thinking about this and I remember one way to count syllables is to count vowel sounds so not necessarily actual vowels, just vowel sounds. In vcull, there are two vowel sounds: v vee, so e sound and cull so u sound. Is this valid, soli, or did I just make that up?

    Can't wait to hear about your trip! When our British friends who live near Leicester were visiting us they went in Draco's room and admired his "zeb-ras," which of course we call "zee-bras. I could ask Draco about counting syllables. I know he does a lot of that with his reading teacher, and sometimes when he is trying to spell something he'll start clapping.