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The Awakening

  1. An Introduction to Neal Asher's Polity Universe books
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An Introduction to Neal Asher's Polity Universe books

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    The first full account of the life of legendary music producer Neil Bogart, who founded Casablanca Books , Disco , Rock. Ancient Jain technology provides individuals with great power, even as it takes control of them. This is especially dangerous when the individuals are disenfranchised AI war machines — drones and warships — who have developed contempt for humanity. Agent Cormac is sent to investigate a runcible disaster that killed thirty thousand people on the world of Samarkand, sinking it into an Ice Age.

    This was apparently caused by an alien entity called Dragon, a giant creature who might be older than human history — or a liar. Buy Gridlinked. The Line of Polity. On the frontiers of human-occupied space, a space station has been destroyed. Meanwhile, civil war looms on the planet Masada, aided by lethal Jain technology. Buy The Line of Polity. Brass Man. An old nemesis of Agent Cormac resurfaces, along with the terrifying Mr Crane, a brass android killing machine. Buy Brass Man. Polity Agent. Time travelling refugees arrive in Polity, pursued by something alien and dangerous.

    Meanwhile, Orlandine, an augmented human, hopes to harness Jain technology — even though it could destroy her.

    Deadly Machines and Dark Wizards: Discounted Fantasy / Science Fiction eBooks

    But the lethal technology is spreading, and Agent Cormac is determined to stop it. Buy Polity Agent. Line War. The Polity worlds are under attack. A renegade AI has merged with Jain technology to become more powerful than before. Agent Cormac must risk everything to save the Polity. Buy Line War.

    the machines in the makers universe book 5 Manual

    Many centuries after the war, the leech-infested planet named Spatterjay is not part of the Polity but is a ward of the same. Here, living sails drape the spars of primitive sailing vessels. Old Captains, stronger than Polity Golem, sail the seas and contemplate their endless lives, while the ancient war drone Sniper looks for action. The Skinner.

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    On the savage ocean planet of Spatterjay, three travellers arrive. Erlin is immortal and seeks a reason to live. Janer hosts a hive mind — a tourist. But their lives are disrupted, as a centuries-old prador arrives, to exterminate witnesses to his own war crimes. Buy The Skinner. The Voyage of the Sable Keech Taylor Bloc is a dead man walking, desperate to gain the secret of immortality.

    The rogue AI Penny Royal, driven insane by orders no soldier should be forced to obey, is a dark presence in the Polity and the Graveyard. For payment, it transforms people into their ideal, but this is a cursed deal, as the transformations are grotesque. Thorvald Spear, resurrected after a hundred years, sets out intent on vengeance against this entity. But it seems Penny Royal might be atoning for previous sins.

    Horror Short Film "The Dollmaker" - Presented by ALTER

    It follows a larger agenda, which leads back to the place where it lost its mind, and to a black hole. Dark Intelligence. Thorvald Spear wakes in hospital, resurrected from a war that ended a century ago.

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