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  1. Materials needed:
  2. Diaper/Wipes Case | Make It and Love It
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Of course, you can make it any size or color you like. Below are the materials we used for the display below. Buy now or read more about the Sputnik. Begin with a square base preliminary fold. Lift one of the triangular flaps on the existing center crease. Open the flap and squash-fold into a triangle. Then, on the outside, align the crease line with the center line. While holding this, slide your thumb toward the point at the top. Turn the flaps like pages in a book, and squash-fold the other three large flaps Page-turn one of the top flaps so that you have a solid white "kite.

Fold in the two side points to meet in the middle. Notice how the edge of the paper forms a straight line across the model, as indicated by the arrow. Repeat the last two steps three more times until you have this. Lift the top layer and press flat, forming the first petal. Repeat with the other three petals, turning the model and flaps as necessary. Hold the flower and lift each petal. You might like the flower like this with pointy petals, or cut them round as described next.

Collapse the flower with the petals extended, and round the tip with sissors, cutting away as little as possible. Did you use the Make n Mold melts or the Merckens melts? BTW Tamara — it could be the brand of melts you are using. I have been waiting to buy supplies until you posted them. Thanks for doing so a few weeks in advance of Halloween.

These cake pops are fantastic! They are so adorable! Too cute and perfect for any Halloween event! But visitiing your site always bring a smile to my face. OMG those are adorable!!! I can just imagine how amazing a Halloween party at your house would be :. I love all the pops.

Materials needed:

I wish I could rent you to make pops for me!! LOL — my fave is Jason. You should SO do a book. It would sell like crazy.


Diaper/Wipes Case | Make It and Love It

You should do a book — even if you only use the online blog content from old postings! Those are simply too cute! These are just the coolest. I would love to give them something like this!!! You never fail to amaze! I love the werewolves, too! So fun! I did some ghosts Saturday with the stick out the top and they were cute. I love your fun ideas! So many to choose from! Luv the mummies.. I have even have people offer to pay me and make them for their party!!! I havent committed to it; I do have a full time job outside the home too!

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I now have to bring them to every party-by request. Thanks for all your tips, recipes, and creativity! I love your little cupcake pops and attempted them this weekend, however mine where a flop! What is the secret? I think my cake was too moist because they tasted as if the cake had never been baked… HELP!!! I was thinking of making some of your pops for a Halloween party and I love the ones you put together!

Way cute! I was thinking of doing red velvet and white coating, like eyeballs or something. How did you make the eye on your one eyed purple monster? Could you give me a hint? Plus, we would all buy it and you would be a millionaire. You are so talented. I think I will have to make the jack o lanterns for Halloween. You totally should make a book on your cake pops! I would buy it in an instant. It would be so helpful to have the directions in print so im not running from my archived posts!

I made my first attempt at cake balls this weekend. I made them about twice the size without a stick and they were a hit. Also — You said the pumpkin didnt mesh well with the candy.. I was thinking about that this weekend :.

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There is no end to your wicked imagination, is there?! I want to be Bakerella when I grow up! Those are amazing!!! I wish I had the time to get that detailed!!

Diaper Cake Baby Booties (How To Make)

I thought it was funny how last year, for the cupcakes you only had 3 comments… This year you already have 83!! Oh my is right!!! These are adorable. I think the skulls are my favorite…. Oh my gosh! Will someone come watch my 9 month old for 2 days so I can try to make some? Better yet, just mail me a few!! So cute! I did the jack-o-lanterns last week and everyone loved them!