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  1. The Most Dangerous Lapel Grip -
  2. The Most Dangerous Lapel Grip
  3. Orientation

And because of the incredible access the videographer teams had with their subjects — several of the episodes took two years to complete — Dynasties makes you feel as if you know David and Blacktip the way you know Catelyn Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. Hyenas, which appear as the villains in two of the episodes, are undoubtedly the White Walkers in this analogy.

Dynasties describes itself as being " natural history's biggest drama ," and while the project is documentarian, it is as much a soap opera as nonfiction. The series begins with "Lions," set in Kenya's Masai Mara, where the Marsh Pride has been abandoned by all its adult males.

The Most Dangerous Lapel Grip -

It falls on the old "dame" Charm and her cousin, Sienna, to secure their dynasty's future by keeping alive the youngsters, who can't yet fend for themselves. By naming the lions and presenting their strife in human terms, though, Dynasties makes it impossible to be unmoved by the stakes. Certain editorial touches also help to build up the drama around the animals. Several episodes use illustrations to map territories like they're kingdoms; the painted wolf episode, for example, shows the geographic boundaries of rival pack territories as well as the bordering "lion pridelands" and "hyena clanlands.

Even BBC America couldn't quite resist the comparison between the animal dynasties and the families of Westeros:. The royal framing device is such a natural fit for the animal narratives that I'm almost surprised this is the first time it's been done. Rather than get too cutesy with it, though, Dynasties uses specific events in the animals' lives to dramatize their leadership keeping in mind the product we get to see is a tightly-edited 60 minutes of a year or more of shooting.

Out before dawn every day and back after dark, then at night we would be downloading footage and getting kit ready. We were working 98 hour weeks, but it was completely worth it. Lions spend a considerable amount of every day asleep, but we had to be with them for every minute in case something suddenly happened.

The Most Dangerous Lapel Grip

Time passes a lot more slowly when you are watching a bush, waiting for the lions inside to wake up and emerge. Long grass, violent thunderstorms, flooding and vehicles bogged down in the tough terrain, meant the big cats often slipped away and had to be re-located. These bones in these fingers are also not oriented with the pulling force that comes from the arm. The first 2 fingers are however, which helps make them even stronger when gripping.

We are always trying to give our opponent shorter levers to use against us. Grips are no exception. With two fingers, the lapel being gripped is shortened by approximately half. This makes it twice as hard to pry open the fingers.

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For even more choking power, turning the lapel inside out folds the cloth into a hook shape, locking into your fingers. It is similar to the S-Grip, which is really strong in tension.


As a bonus, the lapel is now shaped into a wedge! When your opponent tucks their chin to defend, the lapel wedge will pry its way under the chin far better than a traditional grip.

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It is actually the seam of the lapel and Gi cloth that comes to a point, and does the choking. This further reduces the area of force applied to the neck, which increases choking pressure! There you have it! The highest percentage grip when gripping a lapel from the back. Hopefully this study of leverage and anatomy will improve your game!