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When the outburst dies down the winds return to normal and the X-rays fade. The video can also be viewed on smartphones using the YouTube app. Moving the phone around reveals a different portion of the movie, mimicking the effect in the VR goggles. Finally, most browsers on a computer also allow degree videos to be shown on YouTube.

To look around, either click and drag the video, or click the direction pad in the corner. The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, controls Chandra's science and flight operations. Images by Date. Image Use Policy.

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A new visualization provides viewers with an immersive, degree, ultra-high-definition view of the center of our Galaxy. This movie is a "sequel" to a visualization of the Galactic Center released in January This new version provides more details of what Chandra sees in X-rays in the region around the Galaxy's supermassive black hole. Viewers can see the effects of winds blowing off dozens of massive giant stars in this crowded galactic environment. The Basics What is it? How Far Away is it? How is it Made? How Big is it? Where is it Located?

Rate This Image. Currently 3. JPEG More Information. Still Image from degree Video Jpg , Tif. The soft-thermal emission. Chevalier, R. Wind from a starburst galaxy nucleus.

Galactic empire chorus | Imperial march Instagram:… | Flickr

Nature , 44—45 Heckman, T. On the nature and implications of starburst-driven galactic superwinds. Suchkov, A. Dynamics and X-ray emission of a galactic superwind interacting with disk and halo gas. Krumholz, M. A dynamical model for gas flows, star formation and nuclear winds in galactic centres.

Rees, M.

Fri, March 2, 2018

Tidal disruption of stars by black holes of 10 6 to 10 8 solar masses in nearby galaxies. Generozov, A. Circumnuclear media of quiescent supermassive black holes. Lu, J. Stellar populations in the central 0. The initial mass function. The Galactic Center magnetosphere. Crocker, R. A lower limit of 50 microgauss for the magnetic field near the Galactic Centre. Nature , 65—67 Eatough, R.

RetRollSpective – Team Galactic

A strong magnetic field around the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Galaxy. Mauerhan, J. Near-infrared counterparts to Chandra X-ray sources toward the Galactic Center. Discovery of Wolf-Rayet stars and O supergiants. Dong, H. A multiwavelength study of evolved massive stars in the Galactic Centre. Strickland, D. Starburst-driven galactic winds—I. Energetics and intrinsic X-ray emission.

Fermi bubbles: giant, multibillion-year-old reservoirs of Galactic Center cosmic rays. Galaxies 6 , 27 Lacki, B. The Fermi bubbles as starburst wind termination shocks. Fossil imprint of a powerful flare at the Galactic Center along the Magellanic stream. Roberts, S. Spitzer, L. Jr Theories of the hot interstellar gas. Jenkins, E. Coronal gas in the Galaxy. I—A new survey of interstellar O vi. Savage, B. Observational evidence for a hot gaseous Galactic corona. The interstellar environment of our galaxy. Cox, D. The three-phase interstellar medium revisited. Turner, M.

Haberl, F. Garmire, G. SPIE , 28—44 Fruscione, A. SPIE , V Hofmann, F. Markevitch, M. Chandra spectra of the soft X-ray diffuse background. Sanders, J. Contour binning: a new technique for spatially resolved X-ray spectroscopy applied to Cassiopeia A. Arnaud, K. Foster, A. Updated atomic data and calculations for X-ray spectroscopy. Anders, E. Abundances of the elements—meteoritic and solar. Acta 53 , — Eisenhauer, F.

A geometric determination of the distance to the Galactic Center. Uchida, K.

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Blanton, M. PhD thesis, Univ.

North Carolina at Chapel Hill Churazov, E. Asymmetric, arc minute scale structures around NGC Fabian, A. Observational evidence of active galactic nuclei feedback. Baganoff, F. Wang, Q. Dissecting X-ray-emitting gas around the center of our Galaxy.

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Science , — Yuan, F. Hot accretion flows around black holes. Koyama, K. Diffuse X-ray sky in the Galactic center.